Subtitling services.

Subtitling brings the world’s media together and provides more accessibility to an international audience. At TXLOC, subtitling is not just a type of translation; it is an art that always keeps the audience’s native culture and environment in mind. We make sure that the translated text portrays the artistic value of the original media.

As contemporary media has shown, subtitles are necessary for all media content. Accessibility for the hard of hearing is a very important part of it, but as is discovered by modern research, more than three quarters of all subtitles’ users use them for reasons that are not related to hear loss. This expands the range of the audience that need subtitles. People prefer to read subtitles to capture what has been said if there is any background noise.

They are also greatly used by people who are not as fluent in the media’s language and need some extra support. People with attention problems greatly prefer to consume media with subtitles on. Our translators have years of previous experience in subtitling various kinds of media. We use the most advanced and up to date software for subtitling. Contact us for all your subtitling needs.

Ask for a free quote if you’re interested to work with our stellar team.

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