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Interpretation Services

This service translates all kinds of spoken language into the target language in real time. There are a lot of different types of interpretation including simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

Contact us to choose the most suitable type of interpretation. Interpretation is widely used across various industries. Interpretation services can be used for governmental reasons, as government personnel are often in a position to meet people who they don’t share a language with.

Travel and Tourism are also different sectors that could heavily benefit from interpretation services. Businessmen travelling for meetings abroad might need interpreters when prospects do not share a common language.

The field of humanitarian aid critically needs interpretation services as non-governmental agencies are almost always in a position of dealing with people who they don’t share a language with.

Interpretation services are critical in such situations, as speaking to those receiving aid in their native language establishes trust and a sense of security between the organizations and the indigenous people.

At TXLOC, our interpreters have years of experience in different industries to make sure that you receive the service that is most suitable to your needs in the best quality.

Ask for a free quote if you’re interested to work with our stellar team.

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